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We Introduce you to LED Partners Cloud

Why Choose LED Cloud Software?

LED Partners now offers a cloud based software package that allows our clients to access and change their LED display from any computer or mobile device. In other words, this allows for our clients to manage their LED sign at any location without having to worry about being on-site.

Therefore, we provide a FREE app available in Android and iOS operating systems called “LED Partners Cloud” that allows you to access your LED Cloud account. In addition, we also offer content creation services that you may benefit from. Read below for further details.

Why Choose LED Cloud

Components that are included in the package.

  • On-Board Industrial PC: Windows 7 operating system. This will allow your LED sign to be accessed through our LED Partners Cloud Software.
  • Synchronous Control System: This allows you to stream videos directly to the sign.
  • Wireless Router: Never lose connectivity again! Your LED sign becomes its own wireless hub which also receives the SIM card for continuous wireless connection.
  • LED Partners Cloud Software: User  friendly software that you can access from any device.
  • Custom Content Made Easy: You have the opportunity to use our In-House design team to create quality ads for your LED sign.

Features provided in the software. 

  • Download the LED Partners Cloud App so you can access your LED sign from any mobile device or tablet.
  • Be able to preview the content that is currently playing on your LED sign.
  • You will be able to organize and schedule your ads ahead of time.
  • Create ads with our user friendly design tool, no expirence needed.
  • Use our pre-made templates to create modern text layouts.
  • Access our stock photography library where you will be able to search for images which you can use in your ad.
  • Be able to choose from our animation presets library.
  • Request unlimited content creation from our professional In-House Design Team.


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