Determining Your LED Sign Location!

Inspect what you Expect!

How important is your location?

Your location’s physical characteristics hold the key to determining the correct LED sign size and LED resolution. Therfore, here at LED Partners we recommend for you to “Inspect” what you “Expect”. In other words, LED Partners offers every client the opportunity of two different and recommend evalutations to determine the best LED sign product for your location.

Here at LED Partners we provide a “Digital Site Evaluation” and a “On-Site Survey”. Read below to learn about the advanatges of each one. 

Digital Site Evaluation

There are many advantages of a “Digital Site Evaluation”. During this initial process our Marketing Specialist will view your location using Google Earth to determine your locations characteristics. It is convinent to start off with a Digital Site Evaluation in order to get a rough estimate and general idea of what your structure may look like and require. After we have completed the Digital Site Evaluation, we will move on to an On-site Survey. 

On-Site Survey

Having an On-Site Survey is required in order to get accurate specifications and mesaurments that will go into the production of your new LED sign. Our team will go to your location in order to get exact measurements and really experience your location’s characteristics to make sure it matches the previous Digital Site Evaluation. In other words, we will make final measurment adjustments. An advatage in having a Digital Site Survey is that we will bring our demo truck to do an “On-Site Product Demonstration”

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The Value of Your Location 

How fast the traffic passing by your location will determine the sign size and resolution of your new LED sign. The speed of traffic will help us determine how long of a potential client has to view your new LED sign and what is the distance of the audience you are targeting. 

The usage of your sign will determine the best resolution. Are you going to be using your new LED sign for text, images, or both? For example, if you are a restaurant or a plastic surgeon that has very detailed images of your product or services, you will most likely want a higher resolution sign. 

Visibility is important because it is where you plan on installing a new LED sign. Do you need a double face LED sign or is one face enough because of the way your traffic is able to view your location? We will help you determine the right option for your location. 

How high is the new LED sign going to be installed? Making a good decision on how high the sign will go is important, but can be tricky. Too high of an LED sign may look too small. Therefore, too low of and LED sign may result in the sign only being seen by the traffic that is closest which will cause you to lose half of your audience.

Finally, what are the local sign codes for your business address? This is the most important question to be answered when completing a digital site survey. Each city and municipality has their own rules and regulations when permitting LED Signage. Our team will give you these results during the “Dgiital Site Survey” process.

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