As a business owner, the most difficult part of purchasing an LED sign is getting the highest “Return on Investment”. 

Here At LED Partners we will guide you how your LED sign can benefit your business.

 LED stands for Light emitting diode and was invented by Nick Holonyak, Jr. in 1962.  The first visible spectrum LED diode was red, followed by yellow and green.

The Matrix is the active screen visual area of the sign.  The Matrix does not include the cabinet or border on the sign.  The matrix refers to the number of pixels high by the number of pixels long.   

Pitch is an industry term that refers to the visual resolution of the sign.  LED signs are made by spacing the diodes apart with millimeter spacing of 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and so on.  That spacing is measured from the center of one diode to the center of the next.  The lower the number, the higher the resolution, or “pitch”

The word pixel is an acronym for “picture element”.   In simple terms the pixels are what makes up the overall viewing screen area.   Pixels may contain 1 diode, like in some monochrome signs or 3-4 diodes per pixel in full color signs.

YES!  Financing can be a very good option when thinking about purchasing an LED display.  Generally, financing the funds needed to purchase your new display comes with low or sometimes even NO money down.  In most cases the lender only requires a document fee and first and last months payment!  Financing is a great option, allowing for your cash flow to remain more fluid!   

Viewing angle defines the cone of clear visibility while passing the sign.  The wider the cone of view-ability the longer the time the sign can be viewed without distortion in images and colors.  Some signs have only a 90 degree viewing angle.  This equals a short viewing time.  LED Partners signs have a 160 degree viewing angle with an much longer viewing time.

YES!  LED signs can be 100% tax deductible under the IRS 179 rule!  LED signs are considered an advertising expense as well as capital equipment!  Consult your accountant for the best option for your individual business needs.

If you purchase a quality product from a reputable manufacturer, you can expect an average lifespan of 10 years.  The actual diodes have an average lifespan of 11.5 years.

Talk to an experienced professional in the industry!  
There are several factors in buying an LED display.  Distance to the audience, average speed at which the traffic is moving, height determination for maximum viewing, type of messages you wish to deliver. If your advertising high end cars that you want to shimmer, the higher resolutions are for you.  If simple messages are desired, a lesser pitch may do just fine.

Warranty support is the most important aspect of post-sale service and most companies do not have LED technicians “in-house”.  As the manufacturer, we have an experienced “LED Service Team” ready to serve our clients.  This ensures your LED advertising tool is always promoting your business and helping generate sales.

"Great digital signage and great service! Helpful well after your sign is up and running. I totally recommend LED Partners!"​
Kristen Brokken
Pat Reynolds Elementary School