OUTDOOR LED billboard

We Can Build Any Size LED Billboard

We Can Build Any Size LED Billboard that you require!

Our main goal is to partner with our clients to explain how to maximize profitability with your new Digital Billboard purchase. LED Partners offers a free service called “Digital Billboard Assistance Program”, where our team will walk you through all the phases of completing your digital billboard project.

  1. Site Evaluation
  2. Outdoor State Licensing
  3. Billboard Permitting
  4. Determining Optimal Billboard Size
  5. Determining Correct Billboard Resolution
  6. Create Revenue Model Based on Location
  7. Structural Engineering Plans
  8. Structural Planning
  9. Electrical Configuration and Power Setup
  10. Communication Configuration for Multi-Site Owners
  11. Client Billing and Validation Planning
  12. LED Billboard Purchase
  13. Billboard Service and Support

What We Offer

Take the time to come visit our facility to view every size and resolution available!

We can build any size LED Billboard that you require!

Ultra high definition  that allows our clients to provide cinema quality resolution to any professional or residential setting.

Buying an LED Billboard is the easy part of the transaction. Ensuring that you have a team to support you throughout the process ensures years of profitability.  We have our 16’5″ x 30′ digital billboard on-site to give you a working example of exactly what you are purchasing.  Please come by our LED Showroom to begin the process.


"Great digital signage and great service! Helpful well after your sign is up and running. I totally recommend LED Partners!"​
Kristen Brokken
Pat Reynolds Elementary School