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Community Electronic message center

LED Signage is the most effective communication tool that allows for HOA’s to be able to connect with their residents. 

Connecting with Your Residents

Learn what type of messages you can display to your residents as they drive in and out of your neighborhood.

New LED Sign Technology

Experience our new LED Cloud based software that allows you to easily manage your LED sign. 

We Offer FREE Ad Creation

Helping you achieve success

The most difficult part of owning an LED Sign is the creation of quality content. In fact, LED Partners is the “only” manufacturer that provides clients with FREE advertisment design as part of the LED sign package. All you have to do is come up with the ad idea and have our team create it.

Unlimited content creation

Access our stock library

Free creation software

Unlimited software support


HOA LED signs should be located at the highest traffic points within your neighborhood. Therefore, it allows maximizing visibility of information.

Real Time Messaging

HOA members have the ability to update important information in a scheduled and timely manner.

Community Enrichment

Learn the advantages of displaying different types of visual messages on an LED sign.

In-Stock Inventory

We offer in-stock inventory for fast turn around time.

Who is LED Partners?

LED Partners is the only LED Manufacture in the city of Houston, Texas. We pride ourselves on partnering with local HOA’s to give their residents the best communication through an LED sign. Building a sense of community, one HOA at a time.

To demonstrate the quality of our product, we offer the opportunity for you to come to our showroom in order to compare all sizes and resolutions.

Why get an LED Sign? Because it is EASY to Manage!

The most difficult aspect of owning an LED Sign is the creation of quality content. As a result, you now have the opportunity to create your own slides with our user friendly and visual software.

No experience needed! 

How much is does an LED sign cost?

Every LED sign is like buying a TV, size and resolution dictate price. LED Partners offers you the chance to come to our facility to see our showroom so you can compare all the different sizes and resolution in order to make the best business desicion. Seeing is beliving!

How long will the buying and installation process take?

LED Partners offers in-stock inventory. This allows for our customers a faster turn around time to get their LED sign. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get your LED Sign after purchase. 

Does the software have creation tools?

Yes! LED Partners provides software that allows you to manage, create, and schedule all your ads and messages. We also offer unlimited software trainings and technical support to make sure whoever is managing your LED sign is educated on how to use it. 

Can you access you LED sign any from anywhere?

Yes! LED Partners offers a cloud base software that allows you to manage your ads from any device. It is as easy as downloading our app or accessing your account on a personal computer.

Can you schedule your messages to play on your LED sign?

Yes! LED Partners offers you the tools to schedule all your ads and messages by year, month, day, and time. You will be able to schedule multiple ads at different time periods for easy management and organization. 

Lets Get Started Today!

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 A proper “Digital Site Survey” ensures that you receive a clear understanding of what your business needs in terms of LED size and LED resolution. To setup your free “Digital Site Survey” please contact us.

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Learn who we are, what we do, and be able to compare the quality of our product. In other words, come experience our LED showroom with a Facility Tour. 

Schedule A Call

Our Marketing Specialist will help you answer any questions you may have regarding LED signs. We will guide you through the whole proccess to make sure you are knowledgable to make the business decision. 

We have been very pleased with our sign we purchased from LED Partners. The sign is used here in the town of Apache, Oklahoma as a community bulletin board and has worked out great. Having the programming support from the company is a real bonus and we have been very pleased with the quality and turnaround on the slides for the sign. I highly recommend this company. Bud Jones, City of Apache.

Frank Jones

City of Apache


1. Product (bought 4 units),
2. Price,
3. Presentation of product,
4. Personnel,
5. Follow up and follow through,
6. Service after the sale.

Highly recommended.

Jeff Ewalt

Heatherwood HOA

Thanks to Regina and Steven. They were very Helpful. Supportive and knowledgeable.
Thanks Guys. Sorry if I was a little slow. Your Hands-on was highly Appreciated
Keith HARRIS Harvest Bend HOA

Keith Harris

Cranbrook POA

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